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How to sell your van fast


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We all love to travel in vans, but finally, a day comes when you have to take the hardest decision of selling it. The reason can be anything such as you may get attracted by a new model or for sudden financial emergencies, you may think of selling it to get a handsome amount. Those who want to sell their vans in Bangladesh can avail two options – one selling it privately, second selling it to a registered dealer.

For many sellers, selling it privately is the most profitable option as they can expect to get a fair price from it than the later one. But if you are a novice and don’t know where to start or how can you get a better price for your vehicle, must do a bit research on these points.

Here are the ten important points that can help you getting the right price by selling your used van. So, without wasting much time, have a look at them now –

Few tips sell your used van in Bangladesh

1.    Set the right price for your vehicle
Before you put your van for sale, make sure you determine the right price for it and for doing so, you need to consider few important factors such as the current market condition in Bangladesh, the model, and type of your van, the present condition of your vehicle etc. Consider these factors and determine the value accordingly. The main aspect here is to select a price which is neither too high or low as per the market condition. If you want to get some idea about it, you can go through a few classifieds, vehicle magazines, and online newspapers via the internet. You will come to know how other sellers are asking price.

2.    Keep your papers ready
The second important step is to keep all your vehicle-related papers ready before a prospective buyer knock at your door. Make sure you possess all important documents such as the registration certificate, MOT certificate, Service History Book etc.

3.    Make proper arrangements for sale
Once you determine the value of your van and keep all the papers ready in hand, it’s time to start the sale process. You first need to decide to whom you want to sell your vehicle – to a private seller or a dealer. Both these options have their own advantages and disadvantages. Among them, you need to figure out which option fulfills your requirement the best. By selling your van to a private seller, you can expect to get a higher price than a dealer. However, selling van to a dealer is a much faster and simple process. So, the selection of the option entire depends on your preference.

4.    Prepare your van for sale
No matter how you want to sell your van, make sure your vehicle looks good from both inside and outside. A well-maintained van can easily grab the attention of a prospective buyer and this gives you a chance to ask for higher price. Give your van a complete wash and polish its body before putting it for sale. You should also check out that each and every part of it works properly. If you found any miss fitting, replace it immediately, repair the dents or scratches, change the oil and ensure the tyres are in good condition.

5.    Prepare advertisement
If you choose to sell your van privately, there are many places where you can put the advertisement. These are online classifieds, handbill, banners, local newspapers, vehicle magazines etc. While preparing an advertisement, make sure you put enough details in it such as seller name and contact details, vehicle’s model number and type and its main features. Along with details, don’t forget to attach color photographs to it.

6.    Highlight main features of the vehicle
Highlighting the main features of your vehicle can help to grab the attention of the buyers at once. If you finding it difficult, just remember how you get attracted to it and you will get the answer. The feature that attracted you to this van may attract others as well.

7.    Fix an appointment
When you are selling your van privately, a buyer may ask you for a test drive and inspection. Make sure that you prepare a report on the current condition of your vehicle and accompany the buyer on the test drive. It is just for keeping yourself in the safe side. Along with it, do not discuss everything about the deal over the phone. Fix an appointment and ask the buyer to appear physically for inspection.

8.    Negotiation
Negotiation always plays an important role in any kind of deal. Whether you choose to sell your bike privately or to a dealer, you have to go through this negotiation phase and you must improve your skill in this respect. Before you start a negotiation, determine the lowest value you are ready to accept for your van and then start the negotiation. If the price does not fall under this category, close the deal and start looking for a new buyer.

9.    Always accept payment in cash
Ask the buyer to pay you in cash. If the amount is big, choose to accept the payment through bank transfer. However, in any case, you have to accept a cheque, make sure you do not handover the possession of your bike to the buyer until the cheque gets cleared.

10.    Prepare two copies of the contract paper
Once you prepare the contract paper, make sure you make two copies of it – one for yourself and the other for the buyer. It is important that both should have the original copy of the contract paper where it will be clearly written the previous owner and the new owner of this vehicle bearing the registration number.

Well, these are the few tips which you must follow if you want to be a gainer by selling your vehicle in Bangladesh. For getting more information on these related topics, keep checking our
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