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How to sell your car privately


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Whenever we heard the name motorcycle, it makes us feel nostalgic and develop a sense of freedom from our normal boring life. The decision of selling a motorcycle is no doubt a difficult one as you may share so many memories with it. But, sometimes, due to certain reasons, you have to take the next step of selling it. If you have made up your mind of parting with your machine, make sure receive a handsome amount for it.

Selling a bike or a motorcycle privately is a big concern for most of the vendors. It is not just about advertising, planning or preparing the bike, but it also involves few other things like when you will get a potential buyer for your bike, how can you crack a good deal etc. A number of drawbacks may appear in such kind of deals such as should you offer a test drive to your buyer, what precautions should you take to sell it in the right way, should you invite a buyer to your home? These are the few things you need to decide before preparing yourself to sell your vehicle privately.

Here are a few tips on how to sell your motorcycle privately and crack a good deal in Bangladesh.

  • Don’t disclose all information about your bike in the first meeting
This is an important point to consider while selling your bike privately. There are many thieves and frauds who may appear to you as potential buyers and give a response to your advertisement. They may ask you for bike details and use this information for creating a clone ad to scam other buyers. Therefore, you should not disclose all information about your vehicle in the first meeting and make sure the buyer appears physically for inspection.
  • Gather all details of your buyer
Make sure you acquire all details about your buyer such as the name and address of the prospective buyers. Whenever a buyer calls you to fix an appointment, you should not forget to take his details over the phone. You can call them back on the number to verify that it is the person who called you in response to your advertisement.
  • Try to make the sale in your home
Invite buyers to your home for making the deal. It is always good to be surrounded by your family members while making such deal. It is mainly done for security reasons.
  • Accompany your buyer for test drive
Before offering a test drive to your buyer, make sure he is genuine and not a fraud. Once you become sure, you can offer a test drive to your customer but you should accompany him for the test drive.
  • Don’t provide photocopies of your original documents
Until you sign the final paper of your deal, don’t give any documents of your vehicle to the buyer. In fact, you should even allow taking the photocopies of the original documents.
  • Do not handover your vehicle before the final settlement
This is an important point to consider while selling your motorbike privately that you should not hand over the possession of your vehicle to the buyer until you receive the final payment and sign the papers. If you receive a cheque, make sure it gets clear before you sign the final papers.
  • Keep a copy of your sale agreement paper
Prepare a sale agreement and make a photocopy of it. Ask your buyer to sign over it and after that keep the photocopy for yourself and handover the original to the buyer.
  • Handover all vehicle related documents to the buyer
While making the final consideration of the deal, provide all vehicle related important documents to the buyer such as service book, spare keys, MOT certificates, registration document, Buyers copy etc.

Therefore, whenever you feel the need to sell your motorbike and you want to make the deal privately in Bangladesh, do not forget to consider these above-mentioned points. Considering these points can help you cracking a good deal.

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