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How to sell your bike


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So finally it happened. A new model caught your attention and now you want to sell your used bike at a handsome price to fund for the next item or you may face any sudden financial emergency for which you have to sell your motorcycle. Well, the reason can be anything but to sell your used bike, you have to be a convincing salesperson. So, how can you become an expert salesperson? To find out its answer, check out the guide below. This can help making the whole selling process simple and easy for you in Bangladesh.

Tips on how to sell a used bike in Bangladesh

1.    Prepare your bike for sale
The very first thing you have to do is to prepare your bike for sale which means your bike should look clean, presentable and operative. Taking this step can save much your time in selling your vehicle and you don’t feel the need to put much effort into its advertising. You must check the ins and outs of your motorcycle and make sure that each and every part of it such as chains, tyres, coolants, oils, and electrics are in active mode. For its pleasant look, give it wash and polish. It will make your bike look shiny and well-maintained. To clean its chains, you can use products like paraffin and lubricants. In short, the more your bike look clean and presentable, the more price you can expect to get from its buyer.

2.    Keep all your vehicle-related papers ready
After preparing your bike for sale, the next important thing is to keep your papers ready. Check your vehicle’s MOT and make sure that you have a full year MOT. If it doesn’t have that much of validity, renew your MOT before putting it for sale. The service book of your vehicle should be updated. For better result, you can hire a third party to inspect your vehicle. This will help you getting a prospective buyer for your bike and you can also show him the details report about the present condition of your vehicle.

3.    Set a price
Once you are ready with these above two things, now it’s time to determine the price of your bike. You may think what so big deal in it is. Well, this is not as easy as it sounds. There are several factors need to take into consideration for setting a price for a used motorcycle. These are basically, the model of your bike, the market condition, its present market price, and the condition of your vehicle. To get some idea, you can search through the internet to know the prices that are set by other sellers. This can help you getting an overall idea about the approximate price you can set for your used vehicle.

4.    Choose to contact through telephone preference service
As soon as you put your phone number in your advertising campaign, you may receive endless number phone calls from various marketing companies. They may call you night and day to sell your products. However, you can now deal with this problem very easily. You just need to choose a telephone preference service and list your phone number to it and then put it in your advertisement. This can help you counter this issue in a better way.

5.    Always be aware of scam sellers
There are many people who easily fell prey to scam artists. Especially when they put their advertisement on the internet or any classified portal. One of the common scams is requesting the seller to accept payment by cheque or asking for a test drive. To deal with all these things, you should keep all these points in mind and then talk with your buyer.

6.    Keep your contract paper ready
You must keep your contract papers ready before a buyer shows interest in your advertisement. The contract which you will prepare must include some important points such as the model name and number of your bike, the seller address and name, the buyer’s name and address, a detail report on the present condition of the vehicle, registration number of your bike, mileage along with the extra things that you will offer with your vehicle at the time of sale. You should not forget to prepare two copies of it – one copy for you and the other one for the buyer.

7.    Always accept your payment in cash
Yes! This is probably the safest way to make transaction and counter scam issues. Always ask your buyer to pay in cash. If you need to deal with a hefty amount, make sure it is done through bank transfer which means you should not agree to receive your payment by cheque. If in any case, you have to accept a cheque, don’t hand over the possession of your vehicle to the buyer until the cheque is cleared and transferred to your account.

8.    Accessories
You will be called a smart buyer if you take out all accessories of your bike and sell them separately. This is because a buyer will not pay you extra for attaching an accessory to the bike.  On the other hand, selling those items separately can earn you few bucks.

9.    Take clear pictures of your bike
While creating the advertisement, you must have cleared photographs. Clear and colored photographs of your bike can really do wonder for you by grabbing the attention of potential buyers.

10.    Accompany the buyer for test drive
When a buyer asks you for a test drive, use your common sense and accompany the buyer to the test drive. You should never leave your buyer alone with your vehicle.

Therefore, if you want to counter those pitfalls that may appear while selling your motorbike, follow this guide properly. You can surely end up cracking a good deal. To get more tips and suggestion on how to sell a used vehicle, stay tuned to
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