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A complete guide to selling a car


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So, you are all set to buy a new car. Well, this is always exciting and joyful but before you jump in there, make sure you know all the tips and tricks of selling your old one at a higher price in Bangladesh. If you are one of those who have not done this before may consider it as a daunting task. But in reality, it is not as difficult as you think. With a little research, you can simplify the entire process and can earn the most out of it.

So, here we bring this guide that can help you
dealing with various situations which may come up while selling your car in Bangladesh. Go through these tips and get the possible price for your vehicle facing the smallest amount of hassle. Have a look at the tips below –

1.    Where to sell a used car
This is the most important question a seller face while selling a used vehicle. There are mainly three possible ways of selling a car from which you have to choose the best one as per your requirement. These three ways are – selling to a private dealer, selling it at an auction and selling it privately. Each of these ways has their own pros and cons. Now let’s check out them out in detail –

Selling it to a dealer
If you choose to sell your vehicle to a dealer, you will be offered a set of price based on the dealer’s individual valuations. In this case, you will hardly get any option for negotiation and thus, you may end up the deal receiving less price than a private dealer. Still, it is a better option as it saves both time and cost that you may have to pay for advertisement as well as ensures the safest dealing of vehicles.

Selling it to a privately
Selling your used car privately is probably the easiest option amongst them all. A number of online classified sites available where you can put your advertisement. Besides this, you can also place your ad in local newspapers and shops to get potential buyers. The
Bigpage Bangladesh is a popular platform where you can get both buyers and sellers under one roof and since it is an official website of Bangladesh, you can rest assured to get only registered dealers.

Selling it at an auction
If you consider selling your car at an auction, you can expect to get a fair price. The auctions take place in major cities from time to time. The auctioneer will charge an amount of fee from you for their efforts which is likely to be a percentage of the selling amount of the vehicle. In this process, you have to set a price for your car below which you cannot sell your car.

2.    Advertisement
The advertisement is an important part that makes your task easier. If you can create the right advertisement, you can drive potential buyers for your vehicle and crack a good deal as per your expectation. While preparing an advertisement, make sure you do not make embellished claims for your vehicle and try to be an honest seller. This will help you getting a realistic idea about the price you can expect to get from your used car. Since the market is flooded with thousands of competitive sellers, it is no less than a challenge for you to drive a good deal among them. Create a short and simple advertisement that can grab the attention of the buyers at once. Prefer to add some photographs of your vehicle to it mentioning a few important details such as the car model and type, the registration number, mileage, condition of the vehicle and the name and contact details of the owner.

3.    Fix appointments with potential buyers
Prepare a list of potential buyers who are likely to pay you the price you desire. After that, fix appointments with them and ask them to come for the inspection of your vehicle. However, there always exists a risk of deception when you choose to sell your car privately. Therefore, whenever a buyer comes for inspection and asks you for a test drive, never allow him to take your car alone. You should always accompany them on the test drive.

4.    Final deal
If you choose to be a private seller, you may have to go through a tough bargaining phase with the buyer. The best idea here is not to be desperate or too rigid in such situations. Always remember, offering a few bucks discount is always better and a time-saving act than going through the same phrase again and again with other buyers. However, you need to be very careful while receiving the payment. Make sure you always receive the payment either in cash or in the bank transfer. If in any case, the transaction amount is big and you have no other option but to accept the payment in cheque, make sure the cheque gets cleared first before handing over the possession of your vehicle.

5.    Contract papers
As a seller, you need to prepare contract papers and make sure you arrange two copies of it – one for the buyer and the other for you. Both the buyer and seller should sign over it mentioning the date and address of the dealing. The contract paper must include some important details about the vehicle such as the car type and model number, proof of sale, the mileage, the vehicle identification number, the warranty period and the selling price. Once you are done with the deal, don’t forget to inform the DVLA in Bangladesh that you no longer possess the ownership of the vehicle. This is important to save yourself from any kind of illegal act made by the new owner.

Therefore, always keep this guide in mind while selling your vehicle in Bangladesh. If you are looking for the right platform that can make your task hassle-free and easy, consider placing your advertisement at
Bigpage Bangladesh. It is an official website of Bangladesh that allows only verified buyers and sellers. For more information, visit our page today.

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