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Van finance and loans

If you are confused with the idea of buying a new van, then check out this article to know the compelling reasons for buying a brand new van. No feeling is greater than the freedom of driving around the city or on the countryside in your own van. However, the only thing that brings exhilarating thinking in the mind is paying a hefty amount monthly for the van. So, you need to be careful enough as you are going to make a huge investment.

If you have sufficient amount of savings, you will be able to buy it outright. But, if not, then you should take time to find out different types of van finance options.

Check out different dealer finance options
Being a van buyer, you should check out the different deals and discounts offered by the motor manufacturers. Some companies run promotions through their dealers such as considerable savings on selected van models, zero finance etc. however, it is to be noted here that to avail an interest-free loan, you should possess a good credit history which will indicate that you are capable enough of making large repayments monthly.

Along with interest-free loans, you should consider other alternative options as well. There are a plenty of dealer finance options now available in the market. Have a look at them –
  • Finance leasing
In finance leasing, the lender retains his ownership of the van and you as a debtor rent the van for a fixed time period.
  • Hire purchase
Hire purchase is the most popular option where a debtor need to make a small investment and then should make monthly installments for a certain period of time. After you pay off the full amount, you gain the ownership of your van.
  • Contract purchase
In contract purchase, one needs to pay a fixed amount of sum or a fixed period of time. Once you make the full payment, you get the right to own it.

Factors that need consideration while looking out for a van finance

  • Read all terms and conditions carefully
It may seem tempting while checking out the finance options offered by van dealers, but here you need to proceed very carefully considering few important options. In order to crack a good deal, make sure you properly read the terms and conditions of the agreement such as total payable amount, the installment amount one needs to pay every month and the time period. Along with this, one should also compare it with the personal loan to choose the better option.
  • Check out the top loan deals
One should spend ample amount of time to check out the best van finance rates that are currently available in the market. These rates vary widely as there are more than thousands of companies now operating in the market making it difficult for a buyer to choose the right option. If you are in such a state of the situation, don’t try multiple options as this could fell a negative impact on your credit history and may reduce your chances of getting a loan.

Why choose
Bigpage for van finance?
Bigpage finance offers competitive rates to its customers who are intending to buy a new van. Irrespective of the type of van you choose, you can get a suitable finance option here as per your requirement. The major reasons for choosing Bigpage are –
  • They offer quick and customer friendly support
  • They offer lowest interest rates for van finance
  • Their dedicated advisors guide customers in each and every step
  • They offer fast and easy process through online platform
To sum up, in short, Bigpage finance ensures that you can avail a van finance in less time without facing much hassle. They also allow customers to choose registered van dealers in Bangladesh and they don’t have to pay any deposit amount as the whole amount will be given by Bigpage for buying a new or used van.

Bigpage has a wide network of commercial finance dealers of Bangladesh, you can rest assured to get the best market rate for van finance. In fact, they can help you taking this major decision in less time and all funds will be directly credited to your account without bothering about the paperwork. So, you just go and choose your preferred van.

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