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Poor Credit Car Finance

Are you looking for a poor credit car finance option in Bangladesh? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Bigpage finance is an ultimate platform for those customers who are looking for a suitable car finance with bad credit score. Surprised? Don’t because it is an authorized and official website of Bangladesh where you get a list of lenders intend to offer car loans to the customers irrespective of their bad credit history.

If you have faced rejection from other financial institutions because of your bad credit history, then
Bigpage finance offers you a chance to improve your credit score with us. Here, our trained professionals make sure that you avail the best car deal as per your requirement. No matter whether you are a victim of CCJs, default payments or arrears, Bigpage Finance brings to you only those registered lenders who offer car loans irrespective of all these factors and since it is an authorized website, there is no chance of any kind of fraudulent activities.

Many times, it has been observed that people with bad credit history need to face several difficulties for availing a loan. However, to us, credit history of a customer is not the only eligibility criteria for availing a loan and thus, we provide our helping hand to those customers who are looking for a poor credit car finance. We maintain a strong bonding with some of the best car finance lenders of Bangladesh who intend to offer loans to those customers who have earlier faced rejection due to their bad credit score. It means you can expect to make the best car finance from a registered lenders here with us.

How to avail a suitable car finance irrespective of bad credit history?

Well, there are many applicants who think that applying for multiple loans may end up offering them one from any of the finance company. However, this is a big misconception which ultimately leads to the damage of one’s credit history because every time, an applicant applies for a loan, a note of rejection is added by the company to his credit history and this is the main factor that plays an important role here as most of the lenders check out an applicant’s credit history before offering a loan.

Therefore, if you have a poor credit rating, remember applying for multiple loans at the same time may fell a negative impact on your credit history. Besides this, applying for multiple loans also establishes the fact that you are desperate for a loan and thus, lenders will get a chance to reject your loan application or offer you a loan with a high-interest rate. At 
Bigpage Finance, you won’t have to face all these hassles as our car finance representatives fulfill all formalities related to car loan process. All you have to do is to apply for a loan here at Bigpage and our representatives will contact you once your application is approved by our experts.

How to apply for a car loan with
Bigpage Finance

Applying for a car loan with 
Bigpage Finance is an easy process. Our set our term and conditions ensuring the convenience of our customers. So, here is sneak peek of the process of applying for a loan with Bigpage finance. 
  • Fill up a small online form and submit it online
  • Once your application is received by our experts, one of our representatives will contact you and discuss the further process in details
  • Our representatives will provide you a list of lenders intend to offer car loans from which you need to choose that best fulfills your requirements. We aim at bringing the best deal for you.
  • After the loan application, we will provide you a list of registered car dealers of Bangladesh who offer the latest models of cars. You will choose your preferred option.
  • Once you make the selection, you just need to provide us all the details and we will do the rest of the work.
  • We will complete all the paper works on your behalf and make sure the fund transfers directly to your account so that you can avail your car without waiting for a long.

Here, at Bigpage finance, we also provide our services for exchange programs where you can exchange your old car for a new one and can avail an attractive discount on your purchase. Furthermore, we also offer our helping hand to those looking for no interest car loans. All you have to do is to clarify all your requirements to our executives and we will take care of your preferences.

To us, our customers’ satisfaction is our priority and to achieve it, we try all possible means. Our outstanding customer service and dedicated effort have helped us to build a huge clientele base across the nation. We make sure the entire loan process is carried out smoothly and our customers get the best car deal as per their requirements. We have a dedicated team of management take special care of those clients suffering from poor credit score and thereby smoothen their loan application process removing the glitches. All these things have made 
Bigpage Finance the most trusted platform for car finance where the applicants will not only get the assistance for loan approval but also get a list of registered car dealers of Bangladesh offering the latest models of cars. In short, you will get a perfect solution for all your car related requirement.

So, from now, no more loan rejection for poor credit history. Come to 
Bigpage finance and avail a suitable loan irrespective of bad credit rating.

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