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Bad Credit Car Finance

Do you have bad credit but require car loan? Come to us. We will give you a solution to this problem. We, at Bigpage Bangladesh, provide a list of registered lenders who intend to provide car loans to those who were previously rejected for their bad credit history.

Bad credit score creates a lot of problems especially when it is about the loan. But with
Bigpage Bangladesh, this is not a problem at all. We are very much sympathetic to those who were rejected for the loan due to their bad credit score. We aim at offering suitable car finance options through various car loan lenders who likely help these people irrespective of their credit history. Whether you have missed payment record, mortgage arrears, default payments or have been refused elsewhere for a car loan or you have no credit history, we will provide you a panel of lenders from which you can find the most suitable option as per your requirements.

Still confused? Can’t decide whether it is a right platform or not? Check out the reasons below why you should consider
Bigpage Finance over other financial organizations.
  • Get range of bad credit car finance options as per your requirements
There are many reasons why a person is denied a car finance. But the most common reason is the bad credit score of a debtor. At Bigpage Finance, we try to ensure that people who have faced rejection elsewhere for the same reason should find a suitable loan option here at us. We provide a panel of registered lenders who intend to offer car loan to those suffering from bad credit score. We will help you finding out the most suitable deal irrespective of your credit score. In fact, we have a successful track record of serving more than 90% of customers who were denied loans elsewhere for the same reason. We help our customers in improving their credit history so that they don’t face rejection in the future.
  • Excellent customer support team
We have an excellent team of customer care service who are always ready to serve the requirements of the customers. Just give us a call and our experts will guide you throughout the process and also help you finding the right option as per your requirements. Our only aim is to make your journey hassle-free and easy.
  • Wide array of options available
Since we are a one-stop destination to solve all your loan related issues, at Bigpage Finance, we will get the freedom to choose any vehicle of your choice. You will get a list of reputed car dealers of Bangladesh. If you are thinking about the paperwork and other formalities, we are always there for you to do all paper works.
  • Bad credit finance specialist
Yes! You heard it right. We are bad credit finance specialist. We provide helping hand to those who were denied loan elsewhere for their bad credit history. Through our platform, these people can get a chance to improve their credit score so that they won’t have to face further rejection in the future. If you have been rejected for a loan by any financial institution due to your bad credit history, come to us. We will help you getting potential lenders who intend to provide car loans to those having bad credit score. In short, here, you can get an ideal solution as per your requirement. Our highly efficient and expert staffs will help you throughout the process and ensure that you can avail the best financial solution irrespective of your credit score.
  • Understand your problems better
We proudly proclaim that we better understand our customers’ issues. Bigpage Finance is known for simplifying complex procedures because we understand how difficult it is for a person to get denied a loan over and over again due to poor credit history. In many cases, the poor rating is not even the fault of the applicant. Just because they don’t have proper income proof or they may have face any unforeseen financial situation, they fail to build up their credit score and thus, denied loans by most of the financial institutions. We understand these issues and try our best to solve them in an efficient way.

Therefore, getting a car loan with bad credit score is not a difficult task anymore. At
Bigpage Finance, you can explore a wide range of options and thereby, can improve your credit score in a simple way. For more information, check out our page today.  

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